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Six interactive sessions exploring how you can eat well, move more, reduce stress and enjoy life. This unique course will be led by Dr Gwyneth Hinds, who worked as a GP and a breast surgeon before training as a Pilates teacher and health coach. Based in Lisburn, she specialises in using Pilates to improve health and well-being. She has specially developed this course for Damask. https://www.facebook.com/positivehealthmoves
Who is this course for? Anyone who is struggling to make changes in their lifestyle to reduce their risk of ill-health, improve their mental well being and see their future positively. It is open to men and women of any age. How do I join in? Those wishing to participate must first register by email, by text message or by phoning 07516297518 as indicated below. The two introductory sessions are FREE and can be watched on Facebook Live in late-November. Further details on accessing these sessions will be provided after registration. In January/February 2021 we will be holding the main four sessions in Seymour Street Methodist Church Hall or on Zoom, depending on what is possible at the time. On payment of the Registration Fee of £10 you will receive a Well-Being Pack which will be used during the course. This course is supported by The Halifax Foundation for Northern Ireland
How to REGISTER by EMAIL: Send an email to admin@damasklisburn.org stating your wish to register for the Living Life Well Course and give the following details; Name, Gender, Age, Phone Number, Address, Postcode and your main reason for wishing to participate in the course. REGISTER by TEXT MESSAGE or PHONE: Please provide the same information as above by texting or phoning 07516297518 Damask will confirm your Registration and then provide you with details about when the sessions will be available and how to access them. After the two Introductory Sessions we will ask those who are registered if they wish to participate in the four main sessions which require a fee of £10. You will receive a ‘Well-Being Pack’ either when you attend the first session or prior to the first ZOOM session If you would have difficulty accessing the sessions on the Internet please contact us for assistance. We will try to provide access for all who wish to participate whether or not they are familiar with computers or mobile phones!
Living Life Well