Damask  Community  Outreach
Damask was presented with a certificate by the Mayor of Lisburn and Castlereagh City Council, Nicholas Trimble in recognition of our work to support the local community during the COVID epidemic. The presentation was made at a reception held by the Mayor at the Island Centre on Friday 8th September 2020 and Damask was one of about 8 groups receiving such awards. At the start of the COVID outbreak in March 2020 Damask increased the Advice Service availability to the community from 2 to 3 days per week while at the same time arranging for our Adviser to work from home with telephone only consulatations. Working with Seymour Street Methodist Church and with LCCC we arranged for volunteers to deliver weekly food boxes to isolated members of the community who were identified by the Advice Service or the church, or were referred to us by the LCCC. Also during this period the Youth Initiatives team maintained contact the young people through weekly online activities over Zoom and as lockdown restrictions were gradulaly restricted and with the cooperation of the Church ran outside activities using the Church car park as a base.
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Lisburn Mayor Councillor Nicholas Trimble and his wife with Damask representatives Harold Baird, Shirley Carrington, Jim Irwin and Rebecca Wills
Damask has been awarded a grant of £5000 from the Lisburn Policing and Community Safety Partnership to provide an enhance support system and counselling support for victims of domestic abuse who contact our Advice Service. The award covers the period from 1st October to 31st March 2021
Funding award for the Damask Advice and Counselling Service
Nomination for all Ireland Pride of Place award 2020
The Lisburn and Castlereagh City Council Mayor, Nicholas Trimble has nominated the youth programme of Damask Community Outreach during the Covid Epidemic. Our programme is run in collaboration with Youth Initatives and received external funding from Children in Need and from the Lisburn Policing and Community Safety Partnership. Nicholas visited one of the evening fun activities held in the Seymour Street Methodist Church car park - and which observed appropriate social distancing policies. An afternoon and evening summer programme was held for two weeks in early August, in which all the activities were held outdoors.
Damask and Seymour Street work together to deliver 300 food boxes during April, May and June
During the height of the COVID epidemic Damask worked closely with Seymour Street Methodist Church and with LCCC to identify people isolated and in need of help obtaining food supplies. Under the direction of Adrienne Stewart Damask arranged a team of helpers to deliver weekly food boxes supplied by the Dept of Communities through LCCC to about 50 clients. In some cases emergency supplies were provided through the Lisburn Food Bank. We are grateful for additional financial support through the Community Foundation to support this work.
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