DAMASK Volunteers Hosted by Lisburn Mayor

The Lisburn Mayor, Councillor Margaret  Tolerton,  recently invited about 40 volunteers who work with DAMASK, a community outreach programme based in Seymour Street Methodist Church, to a reception at the Lisburn City Council Chambers and Mayor's Parlour.  After giving the group an interesting and informative tour of the Council Chambers highlighting the history of the City of Lisburn, the Mayor outlined the changes that will soon be taking place when the new combined Council of Lisburn and Castlereagh which will be based in Lisburn. The Mayor was assisted by several City Council members, some of whom were former mayors. The Damask volunteers were also shown through the Mayor's Parlour where they saw many of the interesting gifts presented to Lisburn by visiting groups and dignitaries from across the world over the years.

After light refreshments the Mayor expressed the appreciation of the City Council for the work of voluntary groups such as DAMASK who do so much to support those in need across our community, and individual certificates were given out in recognition of the contribution that each of those present had made to the voluntary work of DAMASK.   The Rev Brian Anderson of Seymour Street Methodist Church, the Chairman of DAMASK, thanked the Mayor and her colleagues on behalf of the group for hosting the reception and taking the time to show us around the Chambers.  He also thanked the many volunteers who work for DAMASK in one way or another, and pointed out that on the day of the reception DAMASK and Seymour Street had had many activities including a Mothers & Toddlers Group,  Advice Clinic, Senior Citizens' Dinner, Tea Dance and After-School Club!

At the conclusion of the visit the Rev Brian Anderson presented the Mayor with a donation from DAMASK in support of the Mayor's Charity, The Lagan Valley Diabetes Fund.

Parent & Toddler Groups receives gift of new Tables and Soft Flooring

The Parent and Toddler Group which provides weekly fun and friendship for around 40 pre-school children and their parents and carers, were delighted to receive a grant recently from the NIE Charity Committee which enabled the purchase of tables and soft flooring.  The new tables are child-sized making them safer and more comfortable for the children to use during their craft activities and snack times.  The soft flooring makes the play area much warmer and safer for the children, especially for the babies at the crawling stage.